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Acknowledgements and Related Courses

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 9 years, 9 months ago

Curricula for the digital humanities are currently undergoing a phase of rapid innovation as the field develops. Syllabus collections for courses related to the digital humanities include:



For this graduate course (English 236, "Digital Humanities: Introduction to the Field," University of California, Santa Barbara, Fall 2013), I have borrowed ideas, concepts for assignments, and resources both from past courses I have taught on new media and the digital humanities (e.g., "Literature+" project-building courses) and from other instructors.  Innovative courses taught by others that I have benefited from consulting or whose resources/ideas I have drawn from include:



My gratitude to these instructors and others in the digital humanities field, including folks in the vigorous DH Twitter community and folks who post on digital pedagogy (e.g., the people behind the excellent Hybrid Pedagogy journal), for inventive curricular ideas.


For introductory readings on the idea of the "archive" in class 8, my thanks to people on Twitter who answered a query I sent in August 2013.  (I reported on their suggestions in "Readings on the 'Archive' Useful for Teaching" (2013).

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