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Class 3 Notes

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 6 years, 10 months ago

Preliminary Class Business


  • Julia Pennlert, research seminar on "Poetryprocesses on the Web: How is web-based poetry 'social'?" Tuesday, Oct 15th at 2:00 pm, Transcriptions South Hall 2509  
  • Preview of readings and practicum for Class 4
    • Books to buy by next class: Moretti, Jockers
  • Liz Shayne on text-analysis tools being made available in SH 2509

Student Text-encoding Exercises






Focal Question  


What is text from the point of view of data; what is data from the point of view of text?







1. "Blob" (Binary Large Object)




2. Text








  • Presentational, procedural, and descriptive (structural, semantic) markup  (Wikipedia article on "Markup Language")


  • Michael Sperberg-McQueen (bio)



  • Descriptive Encoding / Markup 





3. Txet





4. Document


  • Julia Flanders, "Basic Manuscript and Physical Document Encoding" 

    5. Work (1)




    • Cf.  Media archaeology --e.g.:



    6. Work (2)


    • New Textual Editing/Bibliographical Studies and the Sociology of Texts
      • e.g., D. F. McKenzie, Bibliography and the Sociology of Texts (1999):
        D. F. McKenzie on sociology of bibliography, from Alan Liu article



    7. (No)OHCO - "Ordered Hierarchy of Content Objects"



    8. Whose OHCO?



    9. Dirty Code

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    Overview of Text Encoding / Markup


    10. Text / Documents / Works in Modern "Content Management Systems" & Databases

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