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Class 6 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



1. Introduction


David Bell, "This is What Happens When Historians Overuse the Idea of the Network" (25 Oct. 2013) –
review of Emily Rosenberg, ed., A World Connecting: 1870-1945 (2012)


  • Language: Linguistics, Anthropology arrow right Structuralism arrow right Deconstruction
    (Impact on the Humanities in 1960's-70's)


  • Probability: Math, Physics, Info Theory arrow right Topic Modeling
    Network: Sociology, Math, Info Science arrow right Network Analysis
    (Impact on the Humanities Now)



2. Our Social Network Analysis Practicums (and Questions)



3. Concept of Networks (& Social Network Analysis)


  • Phenomena that appear in distant reading:

          (in escalating scale of possible disturbance to humanists)


    • Pattern
    • Scale phenomena / Cyclical phenomena
    • Quantitative phenomena
    • Probabilistic phenomena (%)
    • [Network phenomena]


  • The "Network" Concept: (Google Books Ngram Viewer: "network")






4. Social Network Analysis in the Humanities




5. Readings for This Class







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